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I have so much more to add here, but this is an overview! I'd love to get to know you better, or answer any questions you have about health and fitness. Hope this gives you an idea of what I do!

First off, I absolutely love what I do! I am a Team Beachbody Coach, and love helping people get fit and healthy! I am married, and a stay at home mom to a 3 year old and a 5 year old.  My background and “field” is Psychology, but I have been away from it for a few years since having kids and focusing on my family.  As far as my fitness level, I was active up until I graduated college but then led a very sedentary life, working in offices, spending a lot of free time socializing and eating and drinking!  I didn't gain a lot of weight with my pregnancies but never really felt great about my body after having kids.  I tried exercising on and off for a while, got bored with it, and decided to try to lose some weight with Weight Watchers.  I lost a good amount with it, but still didn't feel or look fit, and my clothes still didn't fit well.  All of my before pictures that you will see were actually AFTER I had lost a little weight with Weight Watchers, but had no real level of fitness to speak of. I still huffed and puffed going up stairs, couldn't keep up with my kids, and had zero energy. When the weight stopped coming off, I decided that I needed to change tactics, and I was sick of counting points, etc., so I slowly changed my way of eating to more natural "clean" foods, and started researching healthy eating.

My FIRST program, TurboFire.
One day I was on a message board where I saw another mom rave about TurboFire.  Despite, HATING exercise (as my fitness-minded friends can attest!), I started the program at fitness level ZERO and completed the 90 days.  I lost almost 20 inches with TurboFire, and completely changed my body.  I then became a bit addicted, and dabbled in Brazil Butt Lift and Insanity before finding my next favorite workout, Chalean Extreme.  Since then I have done the Ultimate Reset, Les Mills Combat, and Focus T25. (I do love my Turbo though, and come back to it often.) 

During TurboFire is when I met my coach.  I joined his fitness group on Facebook and found myself looking forward to checking in there every day!  I started posting a lot, and he reached out to me and asked if I had thought about becoming a coach. Long story short, I became one and am now paying it forward and really enjoying life, while also using my income from coaching to help pay bills, move to a new home, and take extra vacations etc. as a family! This was the feeling I had been missing all those years, and I couldn't be happier.

Other before and after pics:

Chalean Extreme (month 1)

Ultimate Reset

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